Inside RBCS Home Study Assistance Program (HSAP)

Thank you for your interest in our Home Study Assistance Program. Families must reside either in the state of Florida or outside the United States to be eligible to participate. A brief explanation of our program and services are listed below.  For further information or to register, please contact our office at (850)279-3779, or e-mail us at



We offer two options for home school families.  First, we offer a full service umbrella program from Kindergarten through Twelfth grades. This option gives you access to assistance with curriculum, report cards and annual testing.  The second option is not an umbrella service but gives you the option to purchase classes or participate in extracurricular activities such as sports or music with our school.


Another important resource we offer to home schoolers is annual testing services. We offer both the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) and the California Achievement Test (CAT). The SAT is offered once each Spring. The CAT is offered from May through August as a group test, or you may schedule an individual test any time throughout the year. The fee for these tests varies depending on which option you choose. Either of these tests meets the Florida requirements for Home Schoolers. For students who reside outside our area, and would like to take the CAT, we can arrange to mail the tests to you to administer, then return to us for scoring and we will mail you the results. A student does not need to be registered with RBCS as a home schooler to participate in these tests.


Please contact us at (850) 279-3779; or for further information. We look forward to helping you achieve the best Christ-centered home school education available for your family.

Kelli Van Pelt
HSAP Director