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  • School uniforms are mandatory for students in 1st through 12th grade.
  • Uniforms may be purchased at (QS44ASQ) or (900089145)
  • Some uniform pieces may be available locally at Stitch FX and seasonally at Target and Sears.
  • Monogramming is available through the web sites or locally at the following locations:
  • Stitch FX - 664-0200 / AAU - 729-1205 / TSP - 729-3000 / ECCO - 689-3226 / Eagle's Nest, - 279-4775

Dress Code

The RBCS Guidelines for Student Behavior (see your RBCS FAMILY MANUAL) details the standards for behavior that RBCS desires students to adhere to as they mature toward the image of Christ and gives the philosophy of the dress standards. FINAL AUTHORITIES for dress code interpretation are Mrs. D. Bowers, Elementary Principal, Mrs. M. Bilby, Academy Principal and Mr Quilit, Destin RBCS Principal.

  1. General Appearance:
    • Student appearance should enhance a Christian's testimony of a life adhering to Biblical principles rather than worldly standards. Appropriateness, cleanliness and neatness of appearance are related to health, general social acceptance, good habit building, and the principle of submission to authority.
    • Student's hair should be neatly styled and clean. Men's hair should be tapered, above the middle of the ear, not obscuring the eyebrows and not hanging below the collar in the back. Extremes in hair styles that call undue attention to the haircut, such as shaving above the ears, cutting designs into the hair, bleaching or dyeing unnatural colors will not be tolerated.  Guys must be clean shaven.
    • Excessive make-up, fingernail polish or jewelry is not permitted.
    • Body piercings are limited to girls and only allowed in earlobe and no more than one in the upper cartilage of the ear.
    • Elementary students are permitted to wear clear/natural nail polish but not make-up.
  2. Students must dress modestly
    • Students will wear properly fitting clothing at all times. No tight/skinny or sagging clothing may be worn. 
    • Blouses that reveal cleavage or midriff as well as oversized or form fitting clothing are not permitted. Skirts and shorts will be no more than 3 inches above the knee.
    • Uniform shirts must be of school colors (white, gray, royal or navy).
    • Uniform shirts must be tucked in for boys. 
    • Uniform shorts must be worn in navy and khaki only.  Cargo shorts are not permitted.
  3. Accessories:
    • Shoes must be fully enclosed and hard-soled for safety (tennis shoes).
    • Hair accessories, scarves and ties must be in good taste and not excessive.
    • Bowties and suspenders worn with the button uniform shirt and belt must be school colors or an approved plaid.
    • Shoes and belts must be school colors (royal blue, navy, white, gray or approved plaid, similar to school plaid, black or brown.  These two accessories may also be made of cloth.
    • Hair accessories, scarves and ties must be school colors or approved plaid.
    • Bowties and suspenders worn with the button-down uniform shirt and belt must be school colors or an approved plaid.
  4. Outerwear:
    • Any item of outerwear which displays the RBCS logo may be worn in the classroom.
    • Light-weight jackets, sweaters and cardigans must display the RBCS logo.  Hoodies, sweatshirts or team jackets must display the RBCS team logo.  Students may not wear the non-RBCS logo hoodie/jacket outside or anywhere on campus unless on a casual day.
    • Any type of outerwear required for extreme weather, such as heavy coats, down jackets, leather jackets or rain gear, that does not display the RBCS logo as well as hats and gloves must be removed upon entering the classroom.

    Friday/Casual Day Dress:

  5. Casual Day Dress Niceville Elementary Students Only:
    • Elementary students may wear casual bottoms and RBCS Spirit Shirts.
  6. Casual Day Dress For Academy and Third Track Students Only:
    • Students may wear any type of shirt, jeans or jean shorts (but no athletic attire) that meets the criteria listed above regarding modesty and adherence to Biblical principles.
    • Students may not wear clothing with tears, tatters, frays, holes or chains.
    • Students may not wear military style clothing or shoes or camo attire at anytime which includes casual days.  On casual days students do not have to wear shirts tucked in.
  7. Game Day Dress For Academy and Third Track Students Only:
    • On game day athletes will wear their team polo shirts as authorized by their coaches with uniform bottoms.
  8. Friday Spirit Dress For Academy and Third Track Students Only:
    • School team, club, senior, band or extracurricular tee shirts or polos may be worn with uniform Bottoms.  Guys will wear their shirts tucked in.
  9. Specific clothing requirements may be waived or required by the Principal for special occasions such as Spirit Week, Serv-o-lution, field trips, elementary casual day or some other specified special day.

    * Newly enrolled students will receive a 30 day grace period to await the arrival of embroidered clothing. Previously owned uniform clothing may be available for use during this time. If such is unavailable, the student must still meet all other dress code requirements except the logo requirement. Jeans and tee shirts are not acceptable under this grace period.

    ** RBCS is not responsible for non-labeled, lost clothing items. Please label all clothing. Lost and Found items will be collected in the office of each building. At the end of each quarter (Report Card Day), unclaimed items will be given to charity.