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Michael Mosley, PhD Greetings from Rocky Bayou Christian School!

Michael Mosley, PhD

Welcome to Rocky Bayou Christian School. Rocky Bayou Christian School is a school committed to providing a quality education that is Christ-centered and providing an opportunity for staff, students, their families, and visitors to experience a Christian education which values both learning and the learner.

The health of a school depends on the health of its culture--a culture comprised in part of intangibles often so subtle that the absence of their important influences may be overlooked. Rocky Bayou Christian School is committed to developing programming to support and celebrate its integrated communities.

Rocky Bayou Christian School seeks to foster a student culture in which every student knows Christ, loves Him, and seeks to develop individual gifts and abilities to glorify Him and further His Kingdom. RBCS can only begin to achieve this goal by having faculty and staff model the love of Christ for our students in the hope that they will learn to love and serve Him and love and serve one another.

The academic program of a school maintains its clearest statement of the values and desired outcomes of that education. Rocky Bayou Christian School will continue to seek to challenge students with a core curriculum based on the Liberal Arts--curriculum designed to produce free men and women. The goal of our instruction is to teach students to know God, understand His creation and providence, and catch a vision of their place in His Kingdom.

Co-curricular programs supplement the overall education of students by broadening their educational experience and stimulating their interests. As with all aspects of the school, a Christian worldview and discipleship approach will be employed and emphasis will be placed on the display of righteous attitudes during activities.

Rocky Bayou Christian School is committed to serving the entire local Christian community. RBCS will admit students of any race, color, national, or ethnic origin and will strive to educate students of all learning capabilities.

I hope that our school is able to effectively serve you and your family.

Michael Mosley, PhD

A Ministry of the Northwest Florida Christian Education Association

Rocky Bayou Christian School, a K-3 through 12th grade Christian school, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnicity in any of its programs. RBCS began its ministry with a 22-member student body in 1973. The present enrollment is over 700 students, which includes students bused from as far away as DeFuniak Springs and Hurlburt Field. The school also offers a special education ministry. We have developed Christ-centered early-childhood curriculum materials that Christian day schools and home schoolers use nationwide.